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Defining words that aren't real. yet.

Ambimortness (noun): the ability of a zombie to walk around.

(word submitted by bowtied-jumper)

Salivishish (adjective): characterizing a mouth that produces way too much saliva than should be possible for an average human being.

(word submitted by TJ)

Addictino (noun): the subatomic particle that causes people to repeatedly claim that, hey, they can handle it, man, they can stop any time they want, you just don’t get it.

(word submitted by MsOddity)

Tintinnambulatory (noun): one who walks around the house and neighborhood in the morning, banging pots and pans together to wake every one up, possibly while singing “LA LA LA” at the top of his/her lungs.

(word submitted by KilltheBrain)

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(Source: oefictionary)

Crownaderwhal (noun): a rare, horned ocean-dwelling creature that has declared itself to be the queen of the seas.

(word submitted by greghorst)

Veibidification (noun): the act of seeking support from others so that you can go on being an asshole.

(word submitted by Andrew)

Adventringulous (adjective): characterizing a person who loves to go off on dangerous adventures, armed only with an otter and a peanut butter sandwich.

(word submitted by Jeremy)

Spnush (verb): to step in dog poop that a terrible person decided to leave lying on the ground from his/her dog and never cleaned up.

(word submitted by Sophie)

Ridloxipan (noun): medicine derived from the sweat glands of a sphinx, that increases your ability to stay focused on one singular task, but makes everything insanely more confusing at the same time.

(word submitted by mstersunderthebed)

Cringleton (noun): one who, on the night of a full moon, transforms into a were-bell.

(word submitted by Ben)

Philanthorrhea (noun): a disease causing people to willingly give away vast amounts of money to support truly disgusting causes and people.

(word submitted by Jacob)

Shquibble (verb): to verbally argue with someone, with both sides in full anger, in complete silence after having been shushed by a librarian.

(word submitted by Chris)

Terrendipitous (adjective): characterizing an event when you happen to be graced with the presence of a turtle.

(word submitted by Tim)

Govaquing (noun): the act of removing an elected official from office, after having defeated him/her in an election, by firing the person away from the government building with a giant bow and arrow.

(word submitted by theencyclopedia)